2018TV-MA106 min

After surviving a bomb attack, two low-level mobsters in Jerusalem change their ways and set about making strangers' Wailing Wall prayers come true.

Genres:Comedies, International Movies

Director:Oded Raz

Cast:Guy Amir, Hanan Savyon, Itzik Cohen, Igal Naor

Production Country:Israel

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Added to Netflix:June 15, 2018

From the Daily Dot

Guy Amir and Hanan Savyon, an already-flourishing Israeli TV duo, make the great leap forward onto the silver screen with the serviceable and ultimately rewarding Maktub, a dark hybrid comedy about two low-level mobsters thrust from their thug roles into living guardian angels. Steve (Savyon) and Chuma (Amir) are mob collectors, who as maktub (or fate) would have it, are the only survivors of a terrorist attack after they go into a restaurant bathroom to settle a bet about whether a shirt stain consisted of pomegranate concentrate or blood from a chef they'd just beaten up for money. Maktub's leads end up servicing the supporting characters more often than they should, but the plot ends bind together well, mitigating any character shortcomings. Maktub finishes sweet, with Amir and Savyon conclusively nailing their compound of playfulness and gallows humor.

Kahron Spearman

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