Gabru: Hip Hop Revolution

TV-14·1 Season·International TV Shows, TV Dramas
Three young, aspiring Indian rappers make their way in a cutthroat music industry, dreaming of fame, stardom and ultimate hip-hop domination .
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From the Daily Dot

Gabru: Hip Hop Revolution is the story of hip-hop's rise in India, told through the character of Gaurav (Amol Parashar). The 10-episode first season is packed to the gills with gratuitous music drops, questionable acting, and predictable plotting – but it's endearing. The entertainment value of the show skyrockets in the second half, when the story turns more dramatic. Western audiences may laugh off its soap opera tendencies, but between the slo-mo, flashbacks, and wonky camera angles, there is never a dull moment in Gabru.

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