2018TV-MA100 min
In a future where technology has rendered privacy obsolete, a detective investigates a serial assassin who has been deleted from all visual records.
Director:Andrew Niccol
Production Country:Germany, United States, Canada
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Added to Netflix:May 4, 2018
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From the Daily Dot

Set in a future where everything is recorded through the eyes and human beings have exact footage to rely on rather than pesky memories, Anon stars Clive Owen as Sal Friedland, a detective investing a hacker played by Amanda Seyfried who may or may not be responsible for multiple murders. As he digs deeper, he's shocked to learn that this woman, known to Sal only as "ANON," appears to have deleted all her own records, making her nearly untraceable. The movie has a clever premise, but the problem is that Anon is so focused on its own cleverness, it fails to create an interesting world or characters around it.

Chris Osterndorf

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