Worst to First

2017TV-PG2 Seasons

Everyone wants a move-in ready dream home, but with soaring real estate prices in a red-hot market, it’s just not possible for most homeowners. That's where professional contractors Mickey and Sebastian come in - these business partners, who are also best friends and family, thrive on the challenge of transforming the ugliest house on the block, into the envy of the neighborhood. Many people are forced to get creative by buying a fixer-upper and renovating it to fit their needs but these types of transformations are Mickey and Sebastian’s specialty - helping each homebuyer find a shabby, rundown house and turning it into a stunning forever home. Buying the worst house on the block always comes with unforeseen challenges but Mickey and Sebastian always exceed expectations and turn dreams into reality- finding the worst and turning it into the first!

Genres:Lifestyle & Culture, Reality


Added to Hulu:September 10, 2021

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