20191 Season

More than 750 people are missing from Houston and the surrounding towns of the major Texas city. Among the missing are mothers written off by police as runaways. They are hardworking couples who have been targeted. And they are upstanding members of their community who simply slowed down to give someone a ride. Some have been found, their bodies dumped in the infamous Texas Killing Fields. Others have vanished and their cases gone cold. A year turns into five years, turns into a decade and it gets harder and harder for investigators to generate new leads. But, detectives quietly keep working. They work for the women whose stories are forgotten. They work for the families ripped apart by seemingly random attacks. DNA is tested as evidence, sketches are drawn of the missing, surveillance video of a suspect is circulated among media in hopes of closing a case. But when the missing go unreported, victims faces have long since faded from the headlines and even the best video can't identify a murderer, do their cases go unsolved forever?



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