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Sitcom that centres around formerly famous boyband star turned drug-shamed tabloid laughing stock Maxxx. He's down, but not out... he's trying to make a comeback to prove to the world - but mostly to his famous supermodel ex-girlfriend - that he's not the massive loser everyone says he is. But with his adopted teenage son, Amit, in serious need of daddy-advice, his cousin-slash-superfan-slash-stalker Rose popping up around every corner, and with most people thinking he's already dead, the journey back to stardom isn't going to be easy. Enter Tamzin, with her dreams of becoming an internationally respected manager. But with Maxxx as her only client, she certainly has her work cut out. Maxxx offers an outrageous, rude and cringe-inducing peek behind the pop world's curtain at the drugs, sex, insecurity and fragile narcissism of those who seek validation and meaning in all the wrong places.

Genres:Comedy, International

Production Country:United Kingdom

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