Looking For Lady Day


The Legend is wrong: Billie Holiday is neither from Baltimore nor Harlem, but Philadelphia, and throughout her life the city continued to draw her back. Its vibrant jazz scene was a refuge for her, first as a star and then when she was forced out of the spotlight of New York. But it was also the site of some her greatest hardship and humiliation, a place where she was hounded by the law, arrested repeatedly, and sentenced to prison in a trial that made headlines. 6abc’s Tamala Edwards brings Billie and her hometown jazz mecca to life. See the clubs where Lady Day performed, the stages where she sang, the places she lived, and learn why one song – Billie Holiday’s signature tune – brought the wrath of racist lawmen down on her, leaving her with few places where she could feel safe, and few people to trust. Looking for Lady Day: the complicated relationship a genius jazz legend had with the city where she was born.



Added to Hulu:May 6, 2021

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