Inside Missguided

20201 Season

Nitin Passi, CEO and Founder of Britain’s fastest growing fashion brand, has set his sights on becoming the first British Asian Billionaire. To get there, he and his predominantly all-female workforce must take risks. But after eight years of enormous success, Missguided crashed. They lost £26 million in 2018 and Nitin is now spending more than ever before to bring his business back to glory. This is an exploration of one of the UK’s fastest growing and most profitable industries: fast fashion. An industry that’s dominated by young entrepreneurial British Asians. Whilst there’s an extraordinary story to be told in the success and future plans of Missguided, there’s a cost beyond the price tag. The company must address the way it operates globally, and how to move forward in an everchanging, ever-ethical clothing industry.



Added to Hulu:June 1, 2021

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