Hirowareta Otoko

20231 Season

Satoru Matsudo instantly became fascinated in the world of acting after watching a theater play in high school. He moves to Omotesando, where his childhood friend lives. However, Satoru struggles through poverty and is having trouble breaking into show business. One day, he coincidentally finds an airplane ticket from under a vending machine. Its owner was none other than the CEO of a talent agency. He becomes the chauffeur for a popular actress, while working a night job at a DVD rental shop. Through numerous encounters, Satoru Matsudo's path to becoming a popular actor begins to take shape. Then, one day, he receives a call from the U.S. after a film he starred in was released there nationwide. Hoping it is an offer from Hollywood, he instead hears about his estranged older brother.



Added to Hulu:January 25, 2023

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