Can I Steal You for a Second?


Every season of ’The Bachelor’ packs in so much drama that it’s difficult for viewers to remember it all. Colton Underwood’s season has been no different. It's been a long, winding journey, from the first night at the Bachelor mansion all the way to the famous and iconic fence jump in Portugal. Joined by Juliet Litman (host of The Ringer’s ‘Bachelor Party’ Podcast) and Lauren Zima (ET Live), Ben Higgins ('The Bachelor') and Rachel Lindsay ('The Bachelorette') are here to explain every important moment of his season and to describe what it’s like to be the Bachelor, tell what the audience doesn’t get to see, and share what the experience of being on ’The Bachelor’ is truly like. Rachel and Ben provide insight that only alumni of the franchise can offer.


Production Country:United States


Added to Hulu:March 7, 2019

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