10 Things I Hate About You

2009TV-141 Season

Sisters Bianca (Meaghan Martin) and Kat (Lindsey Shaw) are two very different people. At their new high school, it's clear that one sister wants to stand out and the other just wants to fit in. Kat is a strong-willed feminist looking to save the world and get out of school as fast as she can. But when she meets the intense Patrick Verona (Ethan Peck), sparks begin to fly. Bianca is a social butterfly whose main goal in life is to be popular, but when the head cheerleader makes her the mascot, she realizes she has a long way to go. As they start a bumpy year at Padua High, will Kat and Bianca be able to navigate the challenges of the popular crowd, guys and their over-protective dad (Larry Miller)? Don’t miss even one episode of this exciting new ABC Family original series!

Genres:Comedy, Drama, Romance

Production Country:United States

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