How to Watch HGTV Without Cable in 2023

By: FlixableOctober 22, 2023

How to Watch HGTV Without Cable in 2023

Ready to cut the cord but keep the blueprint to endless home improvement inspiration? You’re in the right place since we’re about to hammer out the details on how to watch HGTV (short for Home & Garden Television) without cable. As you’ll soon discover, streaming HGTV is a straightforward project that doesn’t require a professional contractor. Follow our guide to ensure you don’t miss out on a single episode of Bargain Block, House Hunters, or My Lottery Dream Home.

How to Watch HGTV Online Without Cable

Some years ago, watching HGTV without cable wouldn’t have been possible. Times have changed, though, and most cable networks are now available via live TV streaming services. These services are like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix but for watching live TV. Like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, and unlike cable and satellite, you can subscribe to them for a single month if you want to. While some of the services offer hundreds of channels with a price that matches a cable subscription, others provide a smaller number of channels for a lower price. Below, we’ll list the services that you can use to legally stream HGTV – no cable required.


As you may have already guessed, DIRECTV STREAM is DIRECTV’s entry into the live TV streaming service market. Its base packages – Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier – offer a varying number of channels, from more than 75 in the Entertainment package to more than 150 in the Premier package. Most importantly from our viewpoint here, HGTV is included in every package. In addition to HGTV, DIRECTV STREAM provides unlimited cloud DVR for recording content, and like other live TV streaming services mentioned in this article, doesn’t require a long-term commitment.



Fubo started as a soccer-centric live TV streaming service but has long since reinvented itself as a service with something for everyone. HGTV is included in all Fubo’s base packages, namely Pro, Elite, and Premier, affording you the liberty to choose any package. Moreover, Fubo offers 1,000 hours of cloud DVR storage, allowing you to record and replay content according to your schedule.


Hulu + Live TV

Hulu has been around for a long time as an on-demand streaming service like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. However, Hulu also offers a live TV streaming service creatively called Hulu + Live TV, which combines on-demand content and live TV broadcasts under the same umbrella. It provides more than 85 channels, including, of course, HGTV. As a bonus, the service comes with unlimited cloud DVR.



Initially launched in the United Kingdom, NOW has expanded its reach to the United States, specifically catering to Xfinity Internet customers. It offers more than 40 live TV channels, including HGTV, along with on-demand content like Hollywood movies and original programming. As an added perk, a NOW subscription also includes Peacock Premium at no extra charge, as well as 20 hours of cloud DVR storage.



Philo stands out as a budget-friendly live TV streaming service, offering a low-cost plan with access to over 70 channels, HGTV included. With a primary focus on entertainment and lifestyle content, it's an attractive choice if you don't need news or sports channels. Additionally, Philo provides the convenience of unlimited cloud DVR.


Sling TV

Introduced in 2015, Dish Network’s Sling TV is one of the pioneering live TV streaming services. Since its inception, it’s remained a cost-effective choice for watching HGTV without cable. HGTV is included in both Sling TV’s base packages, Orange and Blue. In addition, both packages come with 50 hours of cloud DVR storage, with an option to purchase more.


YouTube TV

Don’t let the familiar name mislead you; YouTube TV is a completely different service than regular YouTube. It’s Google’s live TV streaming service that provides access to more than 100 channels for $72.99 a month. YouTube TV not only includes HGTV but also offers unlimited cloud DVR.


Can I Watch HGTV on Apple TV, Fire TV, Google TV, or Roku?

For sure! No matter if you’re using Apple TV, Fire TV, Google TV (including Chromecast), Roku, or even an Android or iOS mobile device, watching HGTV without cable is a breeze with any of the mentioned streaming services.

See below for a more detailed rundown of platform support.

Platform Support

DIRECTV STREAMFuboHulu + Live TVNOWPhiloSling TVYouTube TV
Apple TV
Fire TV
Google TV

What to Watch on HGTV

Here’s a peek at some of the most popular shows on HGTV:

  • Bargain Block – Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, a designer/contractor duo, purchase and renovate run-down properties in Detroit, Michigan, transforming them into beautiful, affordable homes for first-time homeowners​​.
  • Home Town – Erin and Ben Napier revitalize old, historical houses in their small Mississippi hometown, using found materials and old textiles to keep the homes’ character while giving them modern and affordable updates​.
  • House Hunters – Individuals, couples, and families are assisted by a local real estate agent as they explore three different properties, weigh the pros and cons of each, and make a decision on a new home purchase or rental​.
  • My Lottery Dream Home – Host David Bromstad accompanies recent lottery winners on extravagant house hunts for their new dream homes, exploring the boundless real estate possibilities their windfall offers.
  • Unsellable Houses – Twin sisters Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis, who are expert real estate consultants, assist families in the Pacific Northwest to renovate and sell homes that they struggled to sell on their own​​.