How to Watch Fox News Without Cable in 2023

By: FlixableOctober 12, 2023

How to Watch Fox News Without Cable in 2023

Choosing to cut the cord doesn’t imply that you can no longer watch live news networks like Fox News. Initially, the cord-cutting revolution was primarily driven by on-demand video streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix, leaving news content a bit behind. Therefore, cord-cutters had to rely on online news services and/or over-the-air broadcasts. Times have changed, though, and it’s now possible to watch Fox News and other cable news networks online without a cable subscription. Keep reading, and we’ll show you how.

How to Watch Fox News Online Without Cable

Fox News is a cable news channel, but it’s also available via various live TV streaming services. The key distinction is that you don’t have to commit to a long-term contract or schedule an installation appointment anymore. Live TV streaming services provide monthly subscriptions and deliver content directly into your internet-connected devices – without installation appointments and associated costs. While not all live TV streaming services carry live news, many do. Here’s a rundown of all the streaming services that offer Fox News.


You may know DIRECTV as a satellite TV service provider. However, you can also watch DIRECTV without a satellite dish, via your home internet connection. DIRECTV STREAM offers various packages, and all of them include Fox News. Each package also includes unlimited cloud DVR storage at no additional cost. As with other live TV streaming services in this article, no long-term contract is required for watching Fox News via DIRECTV STREAM.



Fubo originally started as a soccer-centric streaming service and later expanded to cover other sports. Those days are long gone, and the current iteration of Fubo includes channels from Disney Channel to ESPN. From the perspective of this article, however, the most important news is that the service also includes Fox News. Like all the other streaming services discussed in this article, Fubo provides a cloud DVR for recording content.


Hulu + Live TV

You may recognize Hulu as an on-demand streaming service. However, Hulu also offers a live TV streaming service called Hulu + Live TV, which includes Fox News among more than 85 live TV channels. This means you can watch on-demand content and live broadcasts conveniently with one subscription.


Sling TV

Dish Network’s Sling TV, launched in 2015, was an early entrant to the live TV streaming market and continues to hold its own. As live TV streaming services have progressed, so has Sling TV. A notable enhancement to the service’s channel selection was the addition of Fox News in 2020. Specifically, Fox News was added to Sling TV’s Blue package, which sets you back $40 a month.



Vidgo is one of the latest live TV streaming services. It offers several plans, and among them, Plus, Premium, and Ultimate carry Fox News. The number of channels ranges from more than 110 in the Plus plan to more than 150 in the Ultimate plan, with prices ranging from $69.99 to $99.99. Like some other services in this list – most notably Hulu + Live TV – Vidgo also offers on-demand content, such as classic movies and TV shows.


YouTube TV

Did you know that Fox News is available via YouTube? Well, not via regular YouTube, but YouTube TV, Google’s entry into the live TV streaming service market. It offers more than 100 channels, including Fox News, for $72.99 per month. In addition, YouTube TV provides on-demand access to YouTube Premium’s original programming.


Can I Watch Fox News on Apple TV, Fire TV, Google TV, or Roku?

Yes, you can. It’s easy to watch a Fox News live stream on Apple TV, Fire TV, Google TV (as well as Chromecast), or Roku via any of the streaming services discussed above. For example, if you have a Roku device, you can simply open the Roku Channel Store and install the Roku channel of the live TV streaming service of your choice.

See below for a more detailed rundown of platform support.

Platform Support

DIRECTV STREAMFuboHulu + Live TVSling TVVidgoYouTube TV
Apple TV
Fire TV
Google TV

What to Watch on Fox News

These are some of the most popular shows on Fox News:

  • Gutfeld! – A show featuring parodies of current events, commentary on significant issues, and interviews with newsmakers and media personalities.
  • Hannity – Hosted by Sean Hannity, this show delves into the day’s news events with an opening monologue and objective political commentary.
  • Jesse Watters Primetime – A conservative talk show and current affairs program hosted by Jesse Watters, focusing on political commentary and discussions​.
  • Special Report With Bret Baier – A news program that provides an in-depth look at the day’s news headlines, hosted by Bret Baier with a focus on national political news.
  • The Five – A panel talk show where full-time hosts discuss current stories, political issues, and pop culture​.