How to Watch ESPN Without Cable in 2024

By: FlixableJanuary 2, 2024

How to Watch ESPN Without Cable in 2024

Ready to cut the cord but still eager to maintain your game plan for nonstop sports action? You’ve landed in the right arena, as we’re about to share the playbook on how to watch ESPN without cable. Transitioning to streaming is as smooth as a perfect pitch and doesn’t require a seasoned coach. Read on to ensure you don’t miss out on any live sports events, or a single episode of College GameDay, First Take, or SportsCenter.

How to Watch ESPN Online Without Cable

ESPN, once exclusively available to cable and satellite subscribers, can now be watched over the internet via live TV streaming services. These services provide live TV streaming, akin to the on-demand streaming offered by the likes of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Unlike cable and satellite, and like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, you can subscribe for a single month – if that’s all you want. Some live TV streaming services offer hundreds of channels at a price comparable to cable or satellite subscriptions; others offer a more limited selection of channels at a significantly lower price. Let’s delve into the services that you can use to legally stream ESPN.


DIRECTV STREAM, as indicated by its name, is DIRECTV’s live TV streaming service. Its base packages, called Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier, offer a range of channels, varying from more than 75 in the Entertainment package to more than 150 in the Premier package. What’s especially interesting from our perspective here is that ESPN is included in all the packages. Besides ESPN, DIRECTV STREAM also provides unlimited cloud DVR for recording content.



Fubo has a history as a soccer-centric live TV streaming service but has long since evolved into a service with something for everyone. Fortunately, Fubo still offers an impressive number of sports channels, including ESPN, which is available in all Fubo’s base packages, called Pro, Elite, and Premier. Fubo comes with 1,000 hours of cloud DVR storage, so that you can record and replay content according to your schedule.


Hulu + Live TV

You may know Hulu as an on-demand streaming service like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, but did you know that you can also watch live TV via Hulu? That’s right, Hulu offers a live TV streaming service called Hulu + Live TV, which allows you to stream dozens of channels, including, of course, ESPN. Hulu + Live TV is one of the best choices if you want to combine on-demand and live TV content. In addition, the service comes with unlimited cloud DVR.


Sling TV

Launched in 2015, Dish Network’s Sling TV effectively started the whole business of live TV streaming services. From the very beginning, it’s been a cost-effective choice for watching ESPN without cable. ESPN is included in Sling TV’s Orange package, which sets you back $40 a month (however, the package is regularly on sale for even less). Sling TV comes with 50 hours of cloud DVR storage, and more is available for a fee.


YouTube TV

Regardless of its name, YouTube TV isn’t your regular old YouTube. It’s Google’s live TV streaming service that offers more than 100 channels for $72.99 a month, as well as access to YouTube Premium’s original programming. One of the channels that you can watch via YouTube TV is ESPN. In addition, the service comes with unlimited cloud DVR.


Can I Watch ESPN on Apple TV, Fire TV, Google TV, or Roku?

Absolutely! Whether you’re using Apple TV, Fire TV, Google TV (including Chromecast), Roku, or even an Android or iOS mobile device, watching ESPN without cable is a breeze with any of the discussed streaming services.

See below for a more detailed rundown of platform support.

Platform Support

DIRECTV STREAMFuboHulu + Live TVSling TVYouTube TV
Apple TV
Fire TV
Google TV

What to Watch on ESPN

In addition to live sports events, ESPN offers a variety of hit shows. Here’s a peek at some of the most popular shows on ESPN:

  • College GameDay – A pre-game show broadcast on Saturday mornings, alternating between college football and basketball seasons, featuring in-depth analysis, predictions, guest appearances, and comprehensive previews of upcoming games.
  • First Take – A debate-style sports talk show where hosts and guests discuss and argue about the top stories and controversies in the sports world.
  • NFL Live – A daily television program on ESPN focusing on the National Football League, offering news, updates, analysis, and discussions about the latest happenings in the NFL.
  • Pardon the Interruption – A sports television show featuring a series of rapid-fire discussions and debates on the day's top sports stories, known for its witty and spirited dialogue.
  • SportsCenter – A flagship daily sports news program providing highlights, analysis, and coverage of major sporting events.