The Nevers

2021TV-MA1 Season7.5/10

In the final years of Queen Victoria's reign, London is rocked by a supernatural event that gives certain people – mostly women – abnormal abilities. But no matter their particular "turns," all who belong to this new underclass are in grave danger. It falls to quick-fisted widow Amalia True and brilliant young inventor Penance Adair to protect and shelter these gifted "orphans."

Genres:Action, Drama, Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Cast:Laura Donnelly, Ann Skelly, Olivia Williams, James Norton, Tom Riley, Pip Torrens, Zackary Momoh, Ben Chaplin, Amy Manson, Rochelle Neil, Nick Frost, Denis O'Hare, Viola Prettejohn, Eleanor Tomlinson, Anna Devlin, Elizabeth Berrington, Kiran Sawar, Ella Smith

Production Country:United States


Added to HBO Max:April 12, 2021

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