The Bridge

2021TV-141 Season7.4/10

Twelve strangers from across the United States, UK, and Ireland set out for a cabin nestled deep within the British wilderness with no knowledge of what they’ll be doing – just that £100,000 is at stake. Narrated by James McAvoy, this reality competition series places a massive cash prize in the middle of a lake – but to reach the money, contestants must construct an 850-foot bridge with their bare hands and limited supplies. Given only 20 days to complete this gargantuan task, the competitors must figure out how to work together, though only one can take home the prize. Wild and unpredictable, The Bridge is an adrenaline-packed, physically grueling adventure filled with mind games and power plays.

Genres:International, Kids & Family, Reality

Cast:James Mcavoy

Production Country:United Kingdom


Added to HBO Max:February 11, 2021

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