Summer Camp Island

2018TV-Y74 Seasons7.3/10

Welcome to Summer Camp Island! This animated series follows best friends Oscar and Hedgehog as they learn that their camp is on a magical island, and that instead of making potholders - they'll be making friends with monsters and yetis. The counselors? Well, they're witches. And the cabins? Those were built by aliens. The moon? OK, it is the same 'ole moon, but here, he talks. As Oscar and Hedgehog spend their summer days having strange encounters with mystical creatures, they begin to discover their own magical potentials.

Genres:Action, Comedy, Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Cast:Elliott Smith, Oona Laurence, Julia Pott, Charlyne Yi, Nikki Castillo, Ramone Hamilton, Asher Bishop

Production Country:United States


New Season Added:June 17, 2021

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