Stan Lee Presents: The Condor

2007TV-1475 min

Tony Valdez is a college dropout who turned his back on his family’s robotics corporation to become a champion skateboarder. But when his parents are murdered and Tony’s legs are destroyed in a brutal beating, he uses his father’s experimental NanoBot technology to walk again. Now as the superhuman skater known as the Condor, Tony must reconcile a crime-fighting conscience with his rage for vengeance. What is the missing component to his parent’s DNA regeneration formula? Why is their sinister ValTech partner creating a race of adrenaline-crazed killers? And who is the depraved super-villain sworn to destroy Condor?

Genres:Action, Kids & Family

Director:Steven E Gordon

Cast:Wilmer Valderrama, Maria Conchita Alonso, Kathleen Barr, Michael Richard Dobson, Matt Hill


Added to HBO Max:September 3, 2021

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