Stan Lee Presents: Mosaic

2007TV-1473 min

Maggie Nelson is a student at the High School of Dramatic Arts and a rising star of the New York stage. But when she is caught between a freak electrical storm and a mysterious rune stone, Maggie discovers that she has the uncanny ability to shape-shift like a chameleon. Now Maggie must stop the plot of an alchemic madman from an ancient race that walk hidden among us. Why has her Interpol agent father been abducted? What can a sexy teenage actress dare to do with the powers of DNA replication? And will the world's most unlikely new superhero save the day without flunking her midterms?

Genres:Action, Kids & Family

Director:Roy Allen Smith

Cast:Anna Paquin, Kirby Morrow, Cam Clarke, Garry Chalk


Added to HBO Max:September 3, 2021

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