Sort Of

2021TV-MA1 Season5.7/10

Big-hearted dramatic comedy Sort Of follows nonbinary millennial Sabi Mehboob – the youngest child of Pakistani parents – as they learn to reconcile their various identities and careers. Heavily guarded and unfulfilled, Sabi feels like they’re in transition in every aspect of their life – so when their best friend 7ven presents them with an opportunity to move to a new city, Sabi is both terrified and intrigued. But just when they decide to take a chance on themself, an unforeseen event prompts Sabi to stay in Toronto and go from part-time nanny to de facto parent of a hipster downtown family. Do they regret it? Sort of. A coming-of-age story, Sort Of explores how the labels we once poured ourselves into are no longer applicable... to anyone.

Genres:Comedy, International

Cast:Bilal Baig, Gray Powell, Amanda Cordner, Ellora Patnaik, Grace Lynn Kung, Supinder Wraich, Kaya Kanashiro, Aden Bedard, Gregory Ambrose Calderone, Alanna Bale, Cassandra James, Becca Blackwell

Production Country:Canada


Added to HBO Max:November 18, 2021

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