2020TV-MA1 Season5.7/10

Possessions follows Natalie (Nadia Tereszkiewicz), a young French woman living in Israel who’s accused of murdering her husband on their wedding night. When Karim (Reda Kateb) – an attaché to the French consulate – is assigned to Natalie’s case, he can’t decide whether she’s deeply vulnerable or incredibly manipulative. While Karim becomes obsessed with this mystery, Israeli detectives Esti (Noa Koler) and Rafi (Tzahi Grad) dive into the case. What begins as a seemingly straightforward investigation becomes increasingly twisted, the groom’s death awakens demons in a community where everyone has a secret to hide.

Genres:Drama, International, Suspense

Cast:Nadia Tereszkiewicz, Reda Kateb

Production Country:Israel, France


Added to HBO Max:January 28, 2021

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