On the Spectrum

2018TV-PG1 Season8.6/10

Zohar, Amit and Ron are three roommates in their late-20’s, each diagnosed with a disorder on the autistic spectrum. But they aren’t geniuses, and they aren’t here to teach normal people important lessons. In On the Spectrum, they’re the heroes of their own story, grappling with core human emotions like social anxiety, sexual desire, and unrequited love. They are juxtaposed with the normal people in their lives: Asher, Zohar’s overprotective big brother; Yaeli, a struggling social worker; and an obese neighbor with whom Ron, terrified of leaving his apartment, forges a strange relationship. Their unorthodox approach to life will make us question how normal our world really is.

Genres:Comedy, Drama, International

Cast:Niv Majar, Neomi Levov, Ben Yosipovich, Avi Dangur

Production Country:Israel


Added to HBO Max:April 2, 2021

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