My Mom, Your Dad

2022TV-MA1 Season

This heartwarming and hilariously cringe-worthy reality dating series follows a group of hopeful single parents as they dip their toes back in the dating pool. After being nominated by their college-age kids, the 40- to 50-something moms and dads arrive at the “Second Chance Retreat” – but they’re completely unaware that their adult children are living together and pulling the strings from a house down the street. Tasked with providing advice, planning dates, and keeping tabs on their parents’ every move, the kids must decide whether to “meddle,” resulting in crazy challenges… and plenty of TMI moments. With help from Emmy®-nominated host Yvonne Orji, My Mom, Your Dad aims to prove that, when it comes to love, the kids just may know best.


Cast:Yvonne Orji


Added to HBO Max:January 13, 2022

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