Leapfrog Letter Factory Adventures: The Letter Machine Rescue Team

2014TV-Y33 min

Learning the letters of the alphabet springs to life in this engaging and educational video staring the popular LeapFrog characters. Leap, Lily, and Tad join their father at his job at the letter factory. Leap and Lily have fun right off the bat, but Tad has problems making the sound of letters, so wacky Professor Quigley, takes Tad on a special tour of the factory where he joins J's jumping on trampolines and K's practicing karate kicks. It is not long before he can make the sounds of all the letters!

Genres:Kids & Family

Director:Craig George

Cast:Kira Tozer, Michael Daingerfield, Kira Tozer

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Added to HBO Max:January 12, 2021

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