2021TV-MA1 Season6.7/10

Based on the novel Muleum by acclaimed Scandinavian writer Erlend Loe, this half-hour Danish drama series follows Julie (Marie Reuther), a fierce and charming 18-year-old on a journey of rediscovery. After losing her parents and brother in a plane crash, Julie finds herself all alone in a large mansion with lots of money but searching for a reason to go on. Seeking a way out, the intrepid teen embarks on a wild and turbulent trip that takes her from her native Denmark to the far corners of the globe, as she learns to find hope when all seems hopeless and discovers what it really means to be alive. Edgy and unique, Kamikaze explores the transformative power of grief with dark humor and heart.

Genres:Action, Comedy, Drama

Cast:Marie Reuther, Charlotte Munck, Johan Rheborg, Mads Reuther, Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Carla Philip Røder, Vidhi Kastebo, Casper Kjær Jensen, Anders Matthesen, J Sebastian Lee, Roberto García Suárez, Iris Cayatte

Production Country:Denmark


Added to HBO Max:November 14, 2021

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