It's a Sin

2021TV-MA1 Season

A poignant drama set in the 1980s, It’s a Sin follows a tight-knit group of young people who move to London to follow their dreams just as the AIDS epidemic begins to take hold. As they navigate an exciting new chapter of freedom, self-discovery, and friendship, they must also deal with the rampant spread of the virus, which touches everyone they know. Capturing the devastation endured by a generation of gay men, while also celebrating the community’s unwavering love and unity, this five-part series reflects on a tumultuous and emotional decade, rife with tragedy yet filled with fun, laughter, and joy.

Genres:Drama, International

Cast:Olly Alexander, Omari Douglas, Callum Scott Howells, Lydia West, Nathaniel Curtis

Production Country:United Kingdom



Added to HBO Max:February 18, 2021

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