Up, Up and Away

2000TV-G78 min5.4/10

The teenage son in a superhero family anxiously awaits his super powers.

The Marshalls aren’t your typical family. While ordinary in appearance, they are actually superheroes. Scott Marshall has been anxiously awaiting his 14th birthday, traditionally the time when superheroes attain full control of their powers. Unfortunately, with the big day less than a week away, Scott is not exhibiting any signs of extraordinary behavior. But when his family is captured by a criminal mastermind, Scott is suddenly left as the last hope to stop the evil plan and save humankind.


Genres:Comedy, Coming of Age, Fantasy

Director:Robert Townsend

Cast:Robert Townsend, Michael Pagan, Alex Datcher, Sherman Hemsley, Kevin Connolly, Olivia Burnette

Production Country:Canada, United States


Added to Disney+:November 12, 2019

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