The Ghost and Molly McGee

2021TV-Y71 Season

A grumpy ghost and cheerful tween are eternally bound.

The Ghost and Molly McGee is the story of a ghost and the girl who brings him back to life…figuratively. When a cantankerous ghost named Scratch places a curse on exuberant tween Molly McGee, it backfires and leaves him forever cursed to be in Molly's presence. Now he’s forced to go everywhere Molly goes and do everything Molly does… which, in Molly’s eyes, makes him her best friend! As Molly drags reluctant Scratch along on all her misadventures, a funny thing happens: Scratch comes to like Molly, and an unlikely friendship blossoms.


Genres:Animation, Buddy, Coming of Age

Cast:Ashly Burch, Dana Snyder


Added to Disney+:October 6, 2021

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