The Evermoor Chronicles

2015TV-PG2 Seasons5.9/10

Tara is trying to settle into a strange village.

Tara Crossley and her family are trying to settle into a strange new village. But Evermoor isn’t like most villages. There’s a tapestry that predicts the future, a sewing circle of mysterious Everines… and that’s on top of the normal teenage problems of crushes and sibling rivalry! Tara must learn how to use her powers responsibly. All Tara wants is a normal life, good grades and her local crush, Cameron. But a series of magical mishaps turns Tara’s rites of passage into an epic battle for the village.


Genres:Coming of Age, Fantasy, Mystery

Cast:Naomi Sequeira, Finney Cassidy, Georgia Lock, Jordan Loughran, George Sear, Georgie Farmer

Production Country:United Kingdom, United States


Added to Disney+:May 29, 2020

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