Star Wars: Ewoks

1985TV-Y7-FV2 Seasons

Join your favorite, furry Star Wars heroes, the Ewoks, in an action-packed, animated series!

Journey to the Forest Moon of Endor for an out-of-this world visit with your favorite, furry Star Wars heroes – the small-but-mighty Ewoks – in their own action-packed, animated series. Enjoy all 26 episodes when you join young Wicket, his friends, future chieftess Princess Kneesaa; apprentice wizard Teebo; flashy, aspiring musician Latara; and their entire tribe, as they experience fantastical adventures in Bright Tree Village. Whether they’re encountering wondrous creatures, facing off against the treacherous, swamp-dwelling Duloks, defending their village from magic-wielding enemies or battling an Imperial attack, the Ewoks deliver thrills and fun in full “Force”!


Genres:Action-Adventure, Animation, Fantasy

Cast:Jim Henshaw, Cree Summer Francks, Jackie Burroughs, George Buza, Doug Chamberlain, Paul Chato


Added to Disney+:April 2, 2021

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