Special Agent Oso

2009TV-Y2 Seasons5.1/10

Special Agent Oso is an adorable stuffed bear and an agent-in-training!

Special Agent Oso is part of an international organization of stuffed animals trained to help kids with the completion of everyday tasks. With the aid of Paw Pilot and his trainers WOLFIE and DOTTY, Oso fulfills his missions while learning something new along the way. Special Agent Oso is an interactive series which calls upon young viewers to use their observational skills and cognitive abilities. The stories range from cognitive skills such as how to put a puzzle together, to emotional skills like how to make a new friend at school. By following Paw Pilot's instructions, viewers learn how to organize and break down everyday tasks by using three simple steps just as Oso does.


Genres:Action-Adventure, Animation, Kids

Cast:Sean Astin, Meghan Strange, Gary Anthony Williams, Amber Hood, Cam Clarke, Phill Lewis

Production Country:United States, United Kingdom, South Korea


Added to Disney+:May 14, 2021

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