Soy Luna

2015TV-G3 Seasons

Luna will learn that love transcends distance.

Luna discovers how love can make a difference over time and distance when she moves with her adoptive parents to Buenos Aires. She is a young perceptive girl, who was abandoned when she was a baby, for reasons that are not what they seem at first. When she grows up, she starts meeting people from places and situations very different to hers, but who could bring her closer to her origins. In the meantime, she will learn that passion, friendship and love will help her to feel attached to the path she decides to follow.


Genres:Comedy, Coming of Age, Drama

Cast:Karol Sevilla, Ruggero Pasquarelli, Valentina Zenere, Lucila Gandolfo, Michael Ronda, Carolina Kopelioff

Production Country:Argentina, Mexico

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New Season Added:September 18, 2020

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