Smart House

1999TV-G82 min6.3/10

A computerized Smart House becomes an overly possessive virtual mother.

High school science whiz Ben Cooper wins a computerized "Smart House" specifically designed to make things easier, but finds life becomes more troublesome than ever. When Ben tries to put a glitch in his widowed father’s love life, the Smart House takes on a virtual motherly identity who not only becomes overly possessive of the Coopers, but replicates herself into PAT (Personal Applied Technology), an out-of-control "mother like no other." It’s up to Ben to match wits with PAT’s central intelligence and outsmart the Smart House once and for all.


Genres:Comedy, Coming of Age, Drama

Director:LeVar Burton

Cast:Ryan Merriman, Kevin Kilner, Jessica Steen, Katie Volding, Katey Sagal, Emilio Borelli

Production Country:United States


Added to Disney+:November 12, 2019

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