Shipwreck Hunters Australia

2022TV-PG1 Season8.7/10

An ocean adventure team explores epic shipwreck sites and stories across Australia’s Treasure Coast.

"Shipwreck Hunters Australia" is a six-episode docuseries centered around a group of highly-skilled divers and underwater filmmakers – Captain Ash Sutton, Andre Rerekura, Nush Freedman, Johnny Debnam and Ryan Chatfield – along with expert maritime archaeologists, Dr. Ross Anderson and Dr. Deb Shefi, from the world-renowned Western Australian Museum. In each episode, the team embarks on an epic expedition to a remote location off the vast coast of Western Australia. The mission is to uncover long-lost shipwreck secrets and make world-first discoveries. The series is set against the stunning Western Australia backdrop featuring unique wildlife and sprawling landscapes as far as the eye can see. Combining new evidence, archival research, specialist diving, the latest underwater technology and all-out adventure, Shipwreck Hunters Australia is a vibrant journey into the mysterious past led by modern-day ocean explorers.



Cast:Johnny Debnam, Ryan Chatfield, Andre Rerekura, Nush Freedman, Ash Sutton

Production Country:Australia


Added to Disney+:October 5, 2022

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