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Gabo is a promising soccer player who gets a scholarship to study at a prestigious private school.

"O11CE" tells the story of Gabo Moreti (Mariano González), a teenager who is passionate about soccer who lives with his grandmother in a small town called Álamo Seco. His great soccer skills do not go unnoticed for Francisco (Nicolás Pauls), head coach of the prestigious Instituto Académico Deportivo (IAD), who decides to grant him a scholarship. Gabo begins his adventure with a trip to Buenos Aires to live at the IAD’s residence. His dream is to become a great player, but he doesn’t know that in that path destiny will make him discover the secrets of his family life.


Genres:Coming of Age, Romance, Sports

Cast:Mariano González, Sebastián Athié, Juan David Penagos, Luan Brum, Javier Eloy Bonanno, Paulina Vetrano


Added to Disney+:April 20, 2022

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