National Treasure: Book of Secrets

2007PG125 min6.7/10

Ben Gates must kidnap the president to prove his ancestor's innocence.

When a missing page from the diary of John Wilkes Booth surfaces, Benjamin Franklin Gates' great-great grandfather is suddenly implicated as a key conspirator in Abraham Lincoln's death. Determined to prove his ancestor's innocence and find the Lost City of Gold, Ben and his team must weave their way to the final clue in a mysterious and highly guarded book containing centuries of secrets. But there's only one way to find it: Ben must kidnap the President.


Genres:Action-Adventure, Mystery, Thriller

Director:Jon Turteltaub

Cast:Nicolas Cage, Jon Voight, Harvey Keitel, Ed Harris, Diane Kruger, Justin Bartha

Production Country:United States


Added to Disney+:November 12, 2019

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