Mila in the Multiverse

2023TV-PG1 Season5.1/10

Mila looks for her mother in the multiverse and fights to stop the evil plans of The Operators.

Mila is 16 years old and living the adventure of her life traveling through the multiverse in search of her mother, Elis, with whom she has a complex relationship. But she will soon realize that this is the least of her problems. As she travels, she discovers the existence of multiple universes and comes face to face with The Operators, a mysterious and dangerous group that wants to exterminate all universes except their own. Mila will have to find her mother and save everyone as she learns to adapt to survive in her new and complex reality. Despite the dangers she faces, Mila knows she is on the most incredible journey of her life.


Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction

Cast:Laura Luz, Rafaela Mandelli, Malu Mader, Dani Flomin, João Victor, Yuki Sugimoto

Production Country:Brazil


Added to Disney+:February 15, 2023

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