Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

1981PG117 min8.4/10

Indiana Jones races evil forces to find the legendary Ark of Covenant.

It’s 1936, and archaeologist Indiana Jones is tasked by Army Intelligence to help locate a legendary ancient power, the Ark of Covenant, before the Nazis get there first. In a race against the clock, Indy and his friends are whisked away on a journey across the world in a thrilling adventure. Directed by Steven Spielberg and featuring an iconic score by John Williams, this first installment of the "Indiana Jones" franchise was the winner of four Academy Awards®, including Best Effects.



Director:Steven Spielberg

Cast:Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman, Ronald Lacey, John Rhys-Davies, Alfred Molina

Production Country:United States


Added to Disney+:May 31, 2023

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