In Beaver Valley

1950TV-PG32 min

A young male beaver races to build his new family a home before winter. See details for advisory.

Another of Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures features a glimpse of nature's own engineer hard at work in the wild. A young male beaver finds himself the head of his own family after successfully wooing a female and her kit, then quickly goes to work building a suitable home before winter arrives. Pressure mounts as a hungry coyote sets his sights on the young family, and a rollicking bevy of playful river otters threatens to derail construction. This 1950 Academy Award®-winning short also includes the ill-fated journey of salmon returning to lay their eggs and a musical interlude featuring the "soulful serenade of the lovelorn frogs." This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.


Genres:Animals & Nature, Documentary, Family

Director:James Algar

Cast:Winston Hibler

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Added to Disney+:May 1, 2020

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