I Cavalieri di Castelcorvo

2020TV-PG1 Season5.4/10

Four brave guys cross their hearts to become Knights and fight the evil that lurks in Castelcorvo.

In the Italian countryside, far from the well-trod paths, lies the small village of Castelcorvo. An imposing and ancient castle mounts over this tiny town where life flows slowly and everyone knows everybody. A still miniature place, isn’t it? Not at all. Among the cobbled streets and colourful little houses witches and other frightening magical beings lie low. And, above all, is the old manor really uninhabited or is it hiding mysteries and secrets only a group of brave people can reveal? Castelcorvo is not as peaceful and to keep it safe brave Knights are called to defend it. Four kids - Giulia, Riccardo, Betta and Matteo - will have to solve puzzles and face their greatest fears to grow up, live a huge adventure and become the paladins fighting the evil that lurks in Castelcorvo.


Genres:Fantasy, Mystery

Cast:Margherita Rebeggiani, Lucrezia Santi, Fabio Bizzarro, Gabriele Rizzoli, Angela Tuccia, Mario Luciani

Production Country:Italy


Added to Disney+:May 18, 2022

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