1998TV-PG84 min6.6/10

Marnie and her siblings discover their spooky heritage in Halloweentown.

This comedy-adventure follows Marnie and her younger siblings as they follow their estranged grandmother – a good witch (Debbie Reynolds) – to her home in Halloweentown, where witches, goblins, vampires and the like lead very normal lives. On her 13th birthday, Marnie learns that she comes from a witch family and that she, too, is a witch. When she discovers that an evil force is plotting to take over Halloweentown, she must help her mother and grandmother save the day.


Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Coming of Age

Director:Duwayne Dunham

Cast:Debbie Reynolds, Judith Hoag, Kimberly Brown, Joey Zimmerman, Phillip Van Dyke, Emily Roeske

Production Country:United States


Added to Disney+:November 12, 2019

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