Gulliver's Travels

2010PG85 min5.1/10

Gulliver becomes a giant when he’s shipwrecked on a fantastical island.

Jack Black is larger than life in this epic comedy-adventure based on the classic tale. When a shipwreck lands a mailroom clerk named Gulliver (Black) on the fantastical island of Lilliput, he transforms into a giant. Gulliver’s tall tales and heroic deeds win the hearts of the tiny Lilliputians, but when he carelessly puts his newfound friends in peril, Gulliver must find a way to fix things.


Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Family

Director:Rob Letterman

Cast:Jack Black, Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly, Chris O'Dowd

Production Country:United States


Added to Disney+:May 21, 2021

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