First Kid

1996PG102 min5.2/10

A wisecracking Secret Service agent is assigned to the President's son.

Sinbad plays wisecracking Secret Service agent Sam Simms, assigned to protect the President's rebellious 14-year-old son Luke (Brock Pierce). Simms would much rather be protecting the President, and Luke would prefer to be just a regular kid without a watchdog trailing him everywhere he goes. But a genuine friendship develops between the two when Simms volunteers to teach Luke how to deal with a school bully (Zachery Ty Bryan), and to untie his tongue so that he can win over a cute girl in class. But when Luke's mysterious Internet buddy convinces him to ditch his bodyguard in a crowded mall, the fun and games suddenly become a matter of life and death! Contains tobacco depictions.


Genres:Buddy, Comedy, Coming of Age

Director:David Evans

Cast:Sinbad , Robert Guillaume, Timothy Busfield, Brock Pierce, James Naughton, Art Fleur

Production Country:United States


Added to Disney+:November 12, 2019

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