Extra Episode, or Not: Behind the Scenes of All the Same

2022TV-PG30 min

An extra episode – or not! – packed with interviews, behind-the-scenes, bloopers, and much more.

In this "live" special, screenwriter Luly Trigo takes us behind the scenes for a peek into the ins and outs of shooting a series that takes place in Rio de Janeiro during the summer and São Paulo during the winter. We will also discover some of the challenges related to producing a series during a pandemic, what went on behind the scenes, the team spirit that developed, some funny situations that took place while on the set, bloopers, and much more.



Director:Juliana Vonlanten, Luly Trigo, Suzy Milstein

Cast:Luly Trigo, Gabriella Saraivah, Duda Matte, Miá Mello, Guthierry Sotero


Added to Disney+:July 29, 2022

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