Disney My Music Story: Yoshiki

2019TV-PG48 min

Yoshiki from “X Japan” performs two Disney songs and talks about his music.

“Disney My Music Story” is an original music documentary. We closely follow artists who represent Japan to learn about their relationships with music and their life story which has been woven into it. You will see an original incredible performance that you can’t see anywhere else. The guest is Yoshiki who is the leader of “X Japan” which Japan proudly presents to the world. Yoshiki answers a long interview about his background, his encounter with music, and his future. His drumming is highly advanced, fast, and powerful, and he plays beautiful melodies on the piano. We take a look at where these two polarities were born and if there is a song that influenced him greatly. He answers the questions in the interview from his studio in Los Angeles. He performs two Disney songs that have a special place in his heart. We are taking a look behind the scenes at rehearsals with other musicians which has been rarely shown. You will be able to see Yoshiki’s commitment to music and the fine details he puts into his music creation. There is some bonus footage at the end. I hope you will enjoy seeing it.


Genres:Biographical, Documentary, Music

Director:Kentaro Takayanagi


Production Country:United States, Japan


Added to Disney+:February 5, 2021

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