Disney Just Roll With It

2018TV-Y72 Seasons5.3/10

This family's fate rests in the hands of the audience!

Filmed before a studio audience, “Just Roll With It” blends improv comedy with a scripted family sitcom that gives the audience the power to pick what happens next! Follow the newly blended Bennett-Blatt family, preteen stepsiblings Blair and Owen and their parents Rachel and Byron, as they navigate everyday family life while balancing a household of contrasting personalities. Through it all, the Bennett-Blatts, and the actors who play them, take whatever life (and the studio audience) throws at them…and they “Just Roll With It!”


Genres:Comedy, Family

Cast:Ramon Reed, Kaylin Hayman, Suzi Barrett, Tobie Windham

Production Country:United States


New Season Added:June 18, 2021

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