Disney Intertwined

2021TV-PG2 Seasons

Allegra is ready to change the past in order to reach her dream.

Allegra dreams of joining the Eleven O' Clock music hall company to be the protagonist of "Freaky Friday," the play that made her grandma famous many years ago. Her grandmother, Cocó, is a living legend of the musical theater and has a complicated relationship with Caterina, Allegra's mother. Allegra's life changes drastically when she finds a mysterious bracelet at home. The bracelet takes her to 1994, the year Caterina was her age and was starting her career in Eleven O' Clock while she lived in Coco's shadow (Cocó was a star at the peak of her career by then). Will Allegra be able to change the past?


Genres:Comedy, Coming of Age, Drama

Cast:Carolina Domenech, José Jiménez Zapiola, Kevsho, Elena Roger, Clara Alonso, Emilia Mernes


New Season Added:November 12, 2021

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