Disney Channel Halloween House Party

2020TV-G23 min4.7/10

Disney Channel Stars celebrate Halloween in a sketch comedy special with tricks, treats, and more!

Celebrate Halloween with stars of Disney Channel! Delight in this family-friendly, sketch-comedy special as Disney Channel stars take on a variety of spooky skits and crazy characters. Follow the daily life of a monster under the bed. Find out what happens when a haunted house meets a ghost happy family. Play an exciting new board game complete with an ancient curse and Fire Locusts. Meet a technically challenged grandma as she stirs up a dead goldfish funeral. Check in with the Descendants as they welcome a new villain. Get your paws dirty in a cursed canine cooking show and other ghostly surprises for kids and families. Hosted by Tobie Windham from Just Roll With It, Raphael Alejandro, Issac Ryan Brown, Kylie Cantrall, Ramon Reed, Caroline Rhea, Ruby Rose Turner and more all join in for the Halloween tricks and treats. Filmed remotely, with safety in mind, it is the perfect remedy for Halloween-at-Home.


Genres:Comedy, Variety

Director:Trevor Moore

Cast:Tobie Windham, Raphael Alejandro, Suzi Barrett, Isaac Ryan Brown, Kylie Cantrall, Scarlett Estevez

Production Country:United States


Added to Disney+:October 30, 2020

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