Daddies On Request

2022TV-PG1 Season5.7/10

California and her three dads set off on a journey through Mexico to find her mother.

California receives an unexpected gift: her mother, Itzel, has sent her a van together with a request: she wants her to travel to Zacatecas to be reunited with her after a nine-year absence. California convinces her three mistrustful parents that this trip will lead them to happiness. Soon, California, Miguel, Diego, and Morgan set out on an adventure that will turn their lives upside down. What they could never have imagined is that they are being followed by two funny thugs who are also after the mysterious woman.


Genres:Comedy, Drama, Music

Cast:Farah Justiniani, Jorge Blanco, Lalo Brito, Michael Ronda, Fátima Molina, Mauricio Isaac

Production Country:Mexico


Added to Disney+:November 23, 2022

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