Bear Witness

2022G83 min

The team behind “Polar Bear” overcomes challenges to film one of Earth’s most intriguing creatures.

Narrated by Blair Underwood, “Bear Witness” journeys to Svalbard, Norway – 300 miles from the North Pole – where the filmmakers behind Disneynature’s “Polar Bear” take on profound challenges to film one of the planet’s most intriguing creatures. Before the cameras even rolled, they had to create and transport a state-of-the-art arctic camp – an environmentally friendly, self-contained, sled-mounted mobile facility with a kitchen, lounge area and sleeping quarters. The team, which included an Emmy®- and BAFTA®-winning long-lens cinematographer, an award-winning drone operator and a revolutionary gyro-stabilized camera system and operator – navigated virtually impassable snow drifts and tenuous sea ice in their efforts to locate, track and film the majestic white bears. Their unprecedented footage reveals the bears’ struggles within their changing environment, and never-before-filmed adaptive behaviors that surprised even this veteran team of filmmakers.


Genres:Animals & Nature, Documentary, Family

Director:Alastair Fothergill, Jeff Wilson

Cast:Blair Underwood


Added to Disney+:April 22, 2022

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